Eat lean to get lean? Maybe not.


It's a little more "complex" than that.

With all the hype surrounding fad diets and what makes one fat and the other skinny, no rules are universal, and some are. And if you think that’s confusing, wait until I tell you that finding out what works for you may be more in your hands than you think. At the end of the day, most people ARE trying to be leaner. And with all of the fitness nutrition rules, do-and-don’ts, the only rule that seems to hold any weight at the end of the day is; THERE ARE NO RULES!

If you think that’s confusing, keep reading! What holds true for one person may not necessarily hold true for the next. That is a rule we can count on no matter what our body type or current state of fitness. Many times what works best for us as individuals is largely trial and error, and it all really begins with us becoming more aware of how we are affected by the foods we put into out bodies and the lasting effects these eating habits have on our health. A “Mind-Body” ideal is key in reaching our goals fitness nutrition goals. 

FACT #1: Most people want to be leaner. 

Unless someone has a specific reason for wanting to put on weight; i.e.. recovering from an illness, genetically deficient body-part(small thighs, tiny arms..), or simply a naturally scrawny person, most of us are trying to take off a pound here or a pound there. And anything that IS put on we want to be strictly lean muscle tissue. 

FACT #2: They have NO idea how to make that happen.

Without getting into the particulars in this post, where we hold our fat stores on our body can give us a plethora of information on how best to get rid of it.

FACT #3: Chances are, it won’t happen by eating LESS.

Sure, there are plenty of occasions and people who can benefit from taking in a little less food here and there, but the long and short of this food fairy tail is that the light at the end of our tunnel of fitness goals shines on the timing, ratios and choices of food and supplements we take into our bodies.


As far as food is concerned, fat just may be the holy grail of macronutrients for staying lean for many of us. And if our goals have stalled or plateaued we may want to reevaluate the way we look at fats of all kinds. I’d bet dollars to donuts if your having trouble losing body-fat you're one of those people who otherwise eat “healthy” but probably steer clear of fat as much as much as possible. 

It’s true. The one thing that we may need to propel our fat-loss to new heights may, in fact, be a little more fat in our diets.

Be on the lookout for #2 of this post to the SKINNY on what fats are good for us and when.

A somatic approach to what we take into our bodies may not be as far out of our league as we think it is.