Here is what some of our clients have to say:

I’ve struggled all of my life with lumbar lordosis and mild scoliosis, which caused me a significant amount of lower back pain and gave me a painfully awkward posture where my stomach and butt would stick out. I had always assumed this was something I could not change. I was "born this way". I always look a little bigger than I actually was because my stomach would stick out when I walked, and I HATED it.

Having Doug as a personal trainer has changed my life. I never realized how much of a difference strength-training can make in your physique and metabolism. Nor did I realize how much better I could carry myself when my core had some strength.

I met Doug at the gym, and he told me I could change my body. I didn't believe him, but decided to try something different. I mean, it couldn't hurt, I thought. The first day was really scary. I realized I had literally zero core strength and could barely do even one sit up. This was my wakeup call. From then on, I started working out with Doug 3 times a week before work. I would start off with cardio, and then go on to strength-training with free-weights and working on my core muscles day after day, something that I had never done before. The results I got were fantastic. 

Doug is not only a trainer for my physical health and fitness, but also a therapist for my mental and emotional well-being. I started training with Doug at a time when I thought I was ready to commit, but really had no idea about the discipline it would take to get the results I was after. He was super patient, providing all the tools I needed to succeed including motivational words, boundless positive energy, nutritional counseling, and an open ear and heart to support me whenever I defeated myself and was ready to collapse under my own pressure. He never let me quit. As a result of his presence in my day, even if only for an hour, I am stronger, more confident, and eager to take on and conquer obstacles of any nature that may lay before me. This is truly PERSONAL training, and I feel lucky to say that I put the work in with someone who is a legitimate professional that continues to exceed my expectations. 


In the past year I have rededicated my life to fitness after a surprising injury to my husband. Along with making changes to my diet, and lifestyle I hired a trainer at my local gym. Over the course of ten months I was not making the gains I expected to. After sitting down with my husband we decided it was time for me to hire a new trainer. Doug has proven himself with his dedication and command of fitness. Within the first week of me training with him I see and feel the difference. 

I know the task ahead of me will not be easy but I now have a trainer that will push me to achieve my goals and POSSIBLY compete a year from now. :-) Thank you Doug!


I found myself in the gym with Doug at a tough time in my life.  My mom had suddenly passed the year before and it was very difficult to find the energy to incorporate exercise into my life again.  Meeting Doug changed all of that and was a gift on many levels!

Some of the aspects of Doug's training style that have helped me are:

1. He is compassionate, yet continues to push me outside my comfort zone.  He listens and cares, but also knows when to tell you to buck up and work hard! 

2. He takes every meeting seriously, yet uses his humor to make working out fun. You will likely laugh, cry, scream, and laugh again! 

3. He has taken extra effort to make sure that each exercise is individualized for my specific needs.  I came in with old sports injuries to my shoulder and lower back.  This has not limited me at all, as Doug has adjusted any exercise that needed adjusting, and both areas continue to strengthen and improve! 

4. He understands that exercise is more than exercise, but an important part of overall wellness, including emotional, physical and energetic well being! These conversations help motivate me to make positive changes in all areas of my life. 

Doug, thank you for bringing out my inner athlete again, and for being so dedicated to helping people embody their strength!

In addition to getting my ass in shape, Doug has the talent to keep me pushing to be better beyond my original goals. He is uniquely able to find what clicks with each client by understanding their varying personalities, then proceeds to apply that to the individual's workout. Everyone is different, and he gets it.


In spring of 2012 I encountered the person who would eventually change my shape, form, and overall fitness-approach. I volunteered my body to undergo his rigorously disciplined approach to fitness and every aspect of my life has improved. I look better (let's not skip over that significant motivator), feel better, my energies are up, and I’m often surprised by the things my body can do without even trying. 

My perception of beauty has changed. My life has been overhauled. Now, fitness and diet are top priorities in my life. above all, I’m happy.

Doug will push you to your ends, but not without lifting your spirit. Because of Doug, I am not afraid to fall on my face at the end of a work out, or fear that I can't get through it. He is the kind of trainer who takes the time to know his clients' strengths and weaknesses intimately, and simply put, knows how to handle each client on an individual basis. With him by my side, I feel empowered, and ready to take my fitness level to new heights. To put it in perspective, I went from almost vomiting after 50 body squats to dead-lifting 245 lb., and from size 32" jeans to 28" jeans, and I feel like I'm just getting started! Whatever your reason is to pursue fitness, Doug is a good place to start.

Doug and I meet twice a week, I find that I have more energy, sleep better, and actually lost a waist size. The hours we spend together go very fast and the diversification and attentiveness to details never makes for a boring session. I look forward to working with Doug Ryan.


BEST TRAINER EVER!!!! I started working out with Doug Ryan last fall and my objective was to get a kickstart on my workout lifestyle. I wanted to push myself to the limit and try to keep up with a regimen on my own.

I knew immediately that he was going to be my trainer because we clicked instantly. He really knows how to motivate people so that they can push themselves to the best of their abilities. I loved how every workout was unlike the last. Immediately I noticedEVERYTHING STARTING TO TONE and I noticed how much STRONGER I WAS BECOMING. Every workout was full of activity up to the very last minute. Even if I had no energy, Doug would really get me in the zone and understand what I needed to hear to get me out of my funk. I am now stronger, more capable and more confident then before I started working out with Doug and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him. I will always have a connection with Doug and feel that he truly cares about each and every person he works with.


I began training with Doug Ryan in November of 2012. After many years of being complacent, just sitting in front of a computer from both work and hobbies, I had literally ballooned to a really unhealthy weight of over 200 pounds. At only 5' 6", being over 200 pounds was just not something I wanted to be. Seeing the steady transformation that my good friend, Bonnie Munoz, was experiencing, I asked about what she was doing. It was then that Doug's name first entered my life. I haven't looked back since.

In my time with Doug I have lost a total of 40‭ ‬pounds, the beginnings of muscle tone are there and I’m significantly stronger and more capable than when we began. I believe I began with nothing when we started. My sloth-like lifestyle had literally atrophied whatever muscle gain I had from puberty and my more active teenage years.

It’s rare that I feel out of my league, and when I do he reassures me with positive words, doing whatever it takes to build my confidence. Each session leaves me feeling like I have progressed that much more, and that feeling is amazing.

Never has Doug given me something unattainable, even if at first I believed it was. Every session has been nothing less than friendly and professional, yet somehow making sure I give everything I have. I can talk to him about anything but come time to work he always makes sure I am pushed to my limits.

As an athlete, for years my workout consisted of a long hard run and basic calisthenic stuff I’d learned in high school. Before my wedding 2 years ago I amped up my workouts, ate super clean, and on my wedding day I was an extremely toned and fit 112 lb. Not long after that I found myself slacking, in a fitness rut, weighing in around 124 lb. I’d gotten lazy. Doug came recommended and from the first workout I knew why. We strength-trained with free-weights and it felt like cardio! Intense! He was attentive and pushed me way harder than I would’ve pushed myself. Exactly what I needed.


A good friend complimented my “toned” arms and I knew working with Doug was paying off! Back to 116 lb. and stronger than ever. I continued to run, and to eat right and really achieve a sense of balance in my life. It was the best I had felt in months. I could squat my bodyweight 20 times and do 20 real push-ups!

Eight months after i began‭, ‬i was expecting my first child‭! ‬So exciting‭... ‬but I wondered about my workouts. My doc said to do what was comfortable. Fit and healthy throughout my term, I ate accordingly and only put on 25 lb. of baby-weight! After giving birth to a healthy baby girl this summer, I’m ready to get back to it!

Doug is certified pre-natal and so tailored my workouts further to keep me safe but the workouts challenging. Continuing to train was easily one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy.


My wife Kathy and I are an older couple who vacation in NY each Fall and try to maintain our exercise regimens as best we can, given we are 3000 miles from our California home. Luckily, last year, we discovered Doug Ryan.

Doug was just the person for us--he fashioned a set of routines for the two of us, more challenging than we would have managed on our own without supervision, but at just the right level to push and challenge. He respected our age, never condescended, was always attentive and interested. At the end of our stay we felt invigorated, healthy, and grateful for finding the perfect trainer.