Professional Ass-Kicker


I've trained countless people from every profession imaginable and the one thing that stands out to me with the overwhelming number of training sessions I've conducted is how at the end of any one of these given sessions I will ask the person how they feel. Too many times to count the answer is invariably...


It is only right that I have tailored my business to giving my clients exactly what they want. In the most safe and efficient way possible. My clients are high-level executives, self-employed professionals, team-leaders in their respective fields and they come to me with their fitness goals in hand wanting someone to kick their ass into shape. Their energies are exhausted during the day with whatever their life-hustle is and they just want to walk through the gym door and be worked. And they want to FEEL IT.

Enjoy your health to enjoy your life.


  • General Fitness Training & Body Aesthetics
  • Functional Training
  • Strength Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Pre/Post Natal Conditioning
  • Body Mechanics & Corrective Exercises
    i.e.: anterior pelvic tilt, sloped shoulders...
  • Sport-Specific Training & Conditioning
  • Post-Physical Therapy Injury Strength & Conditioning
  • Kettle-Bells
I have guided people from every walk of life to achieve their health & fitness goals. By setting realistic expectations given age, gender and lifestyle, I reeducate clients on the value of dedicating the right time and energy to their fitness and advise them on how to better move forward with healthier eating and lifestyle habits.
— Doug Ryan

I work with other trainers all the time and routinely end up on the floor gasping for air. I always feel better afterward.

Become Stronger.
More Resilient. More Capable.


Through strength training, I was able to modify my overall bio-mechanics long before “Corrective Exercise” became a fitness trend.


A history of my injuries: 

+ At age six, I was hit by a bus and in the hospital for nine weeks with several major injuries including a broken pelvis

+ Growing up on extreme-type sports, I had broken a shoulder and most fingers, and severely sprained both wrists and both ankles, a herniated disk, two broken ribs, a small tear in my ACL and yet more trauma during my teen years

+ High school wrestling and baseball left me with calcium deposits in both elbows and periodic tendonitis

+ A game of football in my late twenties left me with a herniated disk, a torn hamstring, and LCL damage to the knee

+ I’ve had tears in both rotator cuffs, broken metacarpal bones in my right hand, a cracked sternum, a tear to my right latissimus dorsi and a broken metatarsal in my right foot

Throug my own personal training, I have become more physically capable than most people I know. Years of “traditional” bodybuilding and strength training regimens based on the human body’s primary movement patterns have driven home a message of good form and posture in even my everyday activities. I’m ready to go year round.

I am a Gluten-Free Trainer.